Coil Reinforced Medical Tubing

Coil reinforced medical tubing provides improved kink resistance, burst strength, and pressure holding capabilities. Our custom coil reinforced medical tubing devices are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your tubing is produced to your exact specifications.

DUKE Empirical is a custom manufacturer and supplier of premium quality reinforced coiled medical tubing products. With our design, specification development, testing, and validated manufacturing, we can assist you in developing a coil reinforced tube that is manufactured to your exact specifications.

DUKE Empirical utilizes ISO Class 8 cleanrooms to extrude, manufacture, and assemble our medical tubing, catheter components, and finished goods. Our controlled environment rooms are monitored for particulate to the ISO 14644 standards. In addition to meeting the ISO standard for particulate, the rooms are monitored for microbiology, making them suitable for medical device manufacturing.

Contact us for more information regarding our coil reinforced medical tubing devices and our in-house production capabilities or call us at (831) 420-1104 and we will gladly assist you. DUKE Empirical is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality coil reinforced medical tubing.

Coil Reinforced Composite Tube Advantages

Coil reinforced composite tube offers performance similar to braid reinforced tubing. There are different advantages to coil reinforced tubing that may make it more suitable for your application. DUKE can recommend the best option to accommodate your needs. We take into consideration the performance, cost, and other factors when recommending the perfect design for you.

Coil Reinforcement Material Options

Whether your project requires mono filament or multi filament reinforcement materials in the wall of the tubing.  The monofilaments are available in flat or round profiles in a variety of materials. Multifilaments are also available in multiple materials including metals and polymers, DUKE Empirical can provide coil filaments based on your exact geometric needs. Coil filament geometries can include ribbon, round, or flat. Single or multi-filament coils can be used. DUKE Empirical will help you determine the best material selection for your composite reinforced tubing.

Hole Punching & PTFE Liners

Our coil reinforced composite tube manufacturing capabilities can be combined with hole punching for greater accessibility and PTFE liners for improved interior lubricity. You can discover more information about hole punching and PTFE liners on our sister site, Duke Extrusion. Composite tube refers to multiple materials in the tube. For instance, PTFE can be applied to the inner layer for inertance to chemicals, while a variety of jacket materials can be applied to where the core is applied.

Matrix materials: The Jacket material or matrix material can vary along the length of the tubing to provide variable stiffness and performance properties along the length of the tubing. The outer surface of the material can be coated with hydrophilic coating for extra lubrication.

In-House Medical Extrusion Technologies Exclusively Tailored to Your Project Needs

At DUKE, our in-house medical extrusion technologies allow us to completely control the quality of the design and manufacturing process. Our trusted material supply partners provide us with a solid supply of the raw materials that are necessary for developing and manufacturing high quality catheters in a short amount of time. We stock a wide variety of raw materials and work with world leading material suppliers for the most advanced material technologies available. With the wide variety of in stock materials, we can provide quick turn around on.  We provide real-world solutions to challenging catheter design and manufacturing applications.

A few examples of solutions that we can provide for your custom catheter projects needs include:  Reinforced atraumatic catheter
  • Infallible catheter tip bonding
  • Low-profile catheter balloon attachments
  • Soft material based catheters with ultra-low friction
  • Highly elastic balloon material bonding
These are just a few examples of the capabilities that DUKE Empirical’s in-house catheter-based medical device technologies provides. For more examples on how we can improve or customize your catheter, give us a call at 831-420-1104; we will gladly walk you through our custom in-house design and manufacturing processes.

Reinforced Coiled Medical Tubing Material Options

Common in irrigation cannulas and catheters, Pics-per-inch (PPI) can be varied along the length of the tube, which provides access points for ports or the introduction of other devices through the wall of the tubing. Options for reinforcement materials include: Contact DUKE Empirical for Coil Reinforced Tubing Today
Get a quote on coil reinforced medical device tubing for your application, or get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your specific requirements. DUKE Empirical is your dependable source for premium coil reinforced medical tubing.

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