Duke Empirical Inc.is looking for qualified and experienced personnel to join our growing team of medical extrusion professionals. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We welcome qualified candidates to submit their resumes for consideration for any of the positions listed below. Give us a call at 831-420-1104 for more information.

Quality Engineer I

Duke’s Core Values

  • We treat each other with trust, dignity, and respect
  • We believe in and embrace diversity, acknowledging that it is critical to our success
  • We support the aggressive recruitment, development, and retention of the best people
  • We grow and develop through lifelong learning and personal development
  • We expect every employee to demonstrate leadership and be accountable
  • We demand of ourselves high standards of ethical behavior
  • We develop long-term internal and external relationships for mutual growth
  • We continue to develop leading-edge technology and deliver better products for the medical industry


For a Quote: Request Quote
For a Quote: Request Quote