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  • ePTFE Covered Stent

Due to its many unique properties, ePTFE is an excellent choice for medical device applications requiring low friction, flexibility, strong and thin membranes, with excellent long term biocompatibility and hemodynamics. The unique properties of ePTFE covered stents, valves and other implantable ePTFE covered medical devices enable the latest technologies in structural heart, peripheral vasculature, neurovascular, orthopedic, pulmonic, bariatric and many other specific medical applications where low profile, high strength, lubricity, and excellent long term implant durability are critical design factors.

At DUKE Empirical, we produce a wide range of Expanded PTFE membrane materials for unique device requirements such as self-expanding and balloon expandable stents and implantable devices. We will work with you to design and manufacture ePTFE covered stents and medical devices based on your project’s exact specifications. DUKE Empirical extrudes and develops material solutions in house for a variety of applications including all fluoropolymer catheters, delivery capsules for implant delivery systems, coil and braid reinforced vascular access products, as well as a line of deflectable guide catheters and sheaths. We have developed a unique material technology called FluoroSlix® which combines the low friction of ptfe with the flexibility of rubber. This technology has been specially developed to solve one of the most commonly encountered issues in medical device design, where typically soft durometer materials tend to have high surface tackiness.

Contact us for more information regarding our expanded PTFE covered stents, covered implantable medical devices, and specialized catheter implant delivery systems utilizing FluoroSlix® technology or call us at 831-420-1104 where welook forward to speaking with you regarding your specific needs. DUKE Empirical is your trusted covered stent designer and manufacturer.

Advantages of ePTFE Covered Medical Devices & Covered Stents

Expanded PTFE is a strong material that is fibrulated in its microstructure which allows the material to be produced with varying porosity or density-based the manufacturing process used. As such, the material properties can be tuned to specific applications where the porosity is specified for example in filtration applications, or where the material is designed to provide a fluid seal such as in stent grafts where an aneurysm is excluded from the blood flow path. Due to its high strength and low friction, when used as a covering on implantable devices, it can withstand collapsing and expanding such as when an implant is compressed and loaded into a catheter system. Covered stents are widely used in vascular applications, particularly where there is a risk of clot formation such as in low flow arteries or arteries where the diameter is less than 4mm where knitted polyester grafts are prone to clotting and occlusion.  ePTFE lined catheter close up Other properties include: 

  • Variable permeability specific to application requirements
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Can be produced as a filament and subsequently woven or knitted into a fabric structure
  • Flexible,strong and thin, with low friction

ePTFE vs PET Stent & Medical Device Covering Materials

While other materials such as polyester (PET) are woven or knitted to produce thin and strong fabric structures, ePTFE is produced in the form of a non-woven film, thin or thick walled tube or as a filament and subsequently woven or knitted into a fabric structure. PET is more commonly used where fibrous tissue ingrowth is desired to provide long term stability and fixation to the implant as well as incorporating a durable seal between the device and native tissue. It can be combined with other materials with thermal bonding processes.

ePTFE Uniaxial or Biaxial Oriented Tubing

Through processing, ePTFE material can be made with anisotropic tensile modulus. These products are referred to as uniaxial or biaxial orientated film or tubing.

DUKE Empirical produces a wide range of ePTFE membrane materials and ePTFE products for unique device requirements such as self-expanding and balloon expandable stents and implantable devices.

Stent Covers & Medical Device Applications

DUKE Empirical manufactures ePTFE covered stents and stent-like devices for a wide range of medical applications including:  Multilumen device tubing

  • Stent grafts
  • Septal occluders
  • Neurovascular stents
  • Peripheral stents
  • Renal stents
  • Bifurcated stents
  • Cardiac stents
  • Stented Valves

Additional Medical Device Tubing Markets & Applications

We are a leader in medical device tubing and catheter components. Our team’s focus on speed, quality, and innovation has set a new standard for superior medical device outsourcing. We are committed to providing valuable customer solutions to the medical device industry through the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative medical products. In addition to producing low friction covered stents and medical devices, we service the following markets and applications:

Customized Covered Stents for Enhanced Medical Performance

Our team will work with your new or existing product designs to develop customized covered stents and implantable devices for your application. Our experienced and dedicated team will design, produce, test, and manufacture your custom covered stent or implantable device efficiently.

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