ePTFE Covered Stents and ePTFE Covered Medical Devices

DUKE Empirical manufactures ePTFE covered stents and stent-like devices for a wide range of medical applications including:
  • Stent grafts
  • Septal occluders
  • Neurovascular stents
  • Peripheral stents
  • Renal stents
  • Bifurcated stents
  • Cardiac stents
  • Stented Valves
  • and more

Advantages of ePTFE-Covered Stents for Medical Device Applications

Due to its many unique properties, ePTFE  is an excellent choice for medical device applications requiring low friction, flexible, strong and thin membranes with excellent long term biocompatibility and hemodynamics. Endothelial cells attach to the ePTFE which make them well suited for vascular applications particularly where there is risk of clot formation.  While other materials such as polyester (PET) are woven or knitted to produce thin and strong fabric structures, ePTFE is produced in the form of a non-woven film or less commonly ePTFE may also be produced as a filament and subsequently woven or knitted into a fabric structure. One additional valuable advantage of ePTFE is that it can be produced in a thin tubular form without a seam and unlike PET which is too stiff for use as a vascular graft when extruded as a tube. ePTFE film or tubing is flexible and strong.  Through processing, ePTFE material can be made with anisotropic tensile modulus.  These products are referred to as uniaxial or biaxial orientated film or tubing. Unlike ePTFE. PET is prone to forming clots when used in vascular applications with low blood flow or small arterial vessels. PET is more commonly used where fibrous tissue ingrowth is desired to provide long term stability and fixation to the implant as well as incorporating a durable seal between the device and native tissue. Duke Empirical produces a wide range of ePTFE membrane materials for unique device requirements such as self expanding and balloon expandable stents and implantable devices.

Customized Covered Stents for Enhanced Medical Performance

The DUKE Empirical team will work with your new or existing product designs to develop customized covered stents and implantable devices for your application. Our experienced and dedicated team will designs, produce, test,  and manufacture your custom covered stent or implantable device efficiently.

We know that time-to-market is critical for innovative medical technology companies, which is why we have established the shortest development timelines for the commercial launch of new products. Contact us today to review your project and see how our expertise in ePTFE covered implantable and single use devices can improve your product.
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