Custom Medical Guide Catheters

Guide catheters are essential for gaining access to blood vessel locations to deliver therapy. DUKE Empirical develops and manufactures custom guide catheters that meet our customers’ unique application requirements.

To help cannulate vessels, guide catheters can have any of a wide variety of constructions and tip shapes. DUKE Empirical can provide guide catheters with any standard or specialized tip shape you may need such as Judkins left, Judkins right, and many others.. Our guide catheters utilize bright tips for better visualization made from platinum, iridium, tungsten, or other radiopaque materials. Our guide catheters are available in standard and custom sizes, materials, and are offered with features such as active tip deflection, and balloon attachment.  We offer standard or customized luer options as well as integrated handle options for customized catheter delivery systems.
We can also provide guide catheters designed to access specific target anatomies, such as peripheral, transseptal or cardiac guide catheters. Guide catheters are produced with matching dilators for accessing tight vessels safety.
DUKE Empirical manufactures guide catheters from a variety of materials including Pebax™, polyurethane, or nylon. Guide catheters include a PTFE liner to provide low-friction passage for other catheters or medical devices and the wall construction is reinforced with braiding, coiling, and other reinforcements such as laser cut stainless steel tubing.

DUKE Empirical utilizes ISO Class 8 cleanrooms to extrude, manufacture, and assemble our medical tubing, catheter components, and finished goods. Our controlled environment rooms are monitored for particulate to the ISO 14644 standards. In addition to meeting the ISO standard for particulate, the rooms are monitored for microbiology, making them suitable for medical device manufacturing.

Customized Guide Catheters for Enhanced Medical Performance

We can work from your product designs, recommend one of our off the shelf constructions, or develop a completely new design for your guide catheter application. Every aspect of your design can be tailored to fit your unique requirements from the ID, OD, and wall thickness to the materials, attachments, coatings, and more. We will help you create the ideal guide catheter for your needs.
Our expert engineers have decades of experience in developing and manufacturing guide catheters and we know the importance of time to market. Contact us today to discuss how we can accelerate your project.
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