Embolic Protection Devices

Embolic protection devices guard internal organs against ischemic disease caused by lack of blood flow during medical procedures or may also be used over longer periods of time for temporary or permanently implantable devices. These devices can take many forms, all of which incorporate filters of various materials and mesh sizes, depending on the application.
Some of the more common types of embolic protection devices include IVC (inferior vena cava) filters, carotid filters used during carotid artery stenting, and cerebral protection devices which are designed to prevent stroke by keeping dislodged thrombi from entering cerebral vasculature in some cases by removing the material from the body. Embolic protection filters can also be used in procedures such as aortic intervention and heart valve replacement to prevent loose thrombi from traveling elsewhere such as the cerebral vasculature where the embolic material may cause ischemic stroke.
DUKE Empirical has specific expertise in developing and manufacturing embolic protection devices for many applications. We can provide both the embolic protection device itself as well as the catheter delivery and retrieval systems. All our embolic protection devices are custom made to meet our customers’ unique needs.

DUKE Empirical utilizes ISO Class 8 cleanrooms to extrude, manufacture, and assemble our medical tubing, catheter components, and finished goods. Our controlled environment rooms are monitored for particulate to the ISO 14644 standards. In addition to meeting the ISO standard for particulate, the rooms are monitored for microbiology, making them suitable for medical device manufacturing.

Customized Embolic Protection Devices for Enhanced Medical Performance

We will work with your new or existing product design to develop embolic protection devices that are optimized to your performance requirements and delivered in the shortest possible timelines.
We work with a variety of materials, and can make material suggestions to improve the performance and/or manufacturability of your embolic protection devices. Special heparin coatings are available to prevent the formation of clots.
Embolic protection devices are often categorized by their flow rate and the filter’s mesh size. We can accommodate nearly any requirement to optimize your particular application.
Contact us today to discuss your project needs and to learn how our custom catheter manufacturing capabilities can shorten the time to market for your embolic protection devices.
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