Custom In-House Catheter-Based Medical Device Technologies

In-house medical extrusion technologies provide an innovative solution to your complete custom catheter needs. Our in-house medical extrusion technologies provide a fully customized approach to extrusions, braiding, coiling, tip forming, and many other advanced catheter tubing processes. At DUKE Empirical, we utilize our catheter-based medical device technologies to manufacture, test, and develop a material solution that is custom tailored to your project’s exact specifications.

DUKE Empirical’s catheter-based medical device extrusions deliver complete in-house design, manufacturing, processing, and testing, which allows for the shortest lead times in the industry. Our knowledgeable engineers understand that time is critical when implementing a new device, that is why DUKE Empirical provides the shortest lead times in the industry.

Contact us for more information regarding our in-house catheter-based medical device technologies and custom design options. DUKE Empirical is your trusted resource and manufacturer of custom medical extrusion technologies.

Medical Extrusion Technologies For Your Project Needs

At DUKE, our in-house medical extrusion technologies allow us to completely control the quality of the design and manufacturing process. Our trusted supply partners provide us with a solid supply of the raw materials that are necessary for developing and manufacturing high-quality catheters in a short amount of time. We provide real-world solutions to common catheter design and manufacturing problems. A few examples of some of the solutions that we can provide for your custom catheter needs include:  Custom Medical Extrusion Technology

  • Infallible catheter tip bonding
  • Low-profile catheter balloon attachments
  • Soft material based catheters with ultra-low friction
  • Highly elastic balloon material bonding

These are just a few examples of the capabilities that DUKE Empirical’s in-house catheter-based medical device technologies provide. For more examples of how we can improve or customize your catheter, give us a call at 831-420-1104 we will gladly walk you through our custom in-house design and manufacturing processes.

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Custom Catheter Extrusion Options

At DUKE Empirical, our mission is to deliver the best custom in-house medical extrusion technologies in the industry for your custom catheter extrusion needs. We accomplish this through custom design, development, and manufacturing processes that meet your exact project specifications. DUKE offers the following custom in-house catheter-based medical device technologies:  Custom catheter-based medical device technologies

  • Extrusion
  • Braiding
  • Coiling
  • Tip forming
  • Hole punching
  • Laser welding
  • Pad printing
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Nitinol forming
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Custom automation equipment
  • Rapid prototyping/3D printing
  • Balloon extrusion and balloon forming
  • CNC lathe, mill, & Swiss screw machining
  • Tool design & fabrication
  • Solid modeling

Medical Extrusion Prototyping & Manufacturing Processes

DUKE’s vertically integrated development and manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver highly engineered, innovative, and customized product solutions in the shortest time possible. Utilizing our five-step development and manufacturing approach, we can quickly develop a custom catheter that is unique to your exact design specifications.

Catheter Prototyping, Machining & Molding

DUKE employs multiple rapid prototype technologies in-house to deliver faster proof of concept with FDM, DLP, and Object RP modalities as well as multi-axis CNC milling, lathing, and injection molding.

Medical Device Manufacturing

DUKE delivers turnkey manufacturing solutions of complete medical devices and components including:

  • Qualified supply chain
  • Automated processes & equipment
  • Validated processes (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Total quality management (TQM) throughout critical processes
  • ISO Class 8 certified cleanrooms

In-House Testing Services

In-house design verification testing, regulatory filing support, functional/dimensional certification, and process validation.


Extensive extrusion capabilities include multi-lumen, bump, and balloon tubing, as well as radiopaque and custom compounds. We produce the most advanced custom profile extrusions in the industry with the shortest lead times in the industry. Our online stock medical tubing store has over 3,000 products available for immediate purchase to accelerate new product development.

Printing & Coating  Customized Precision Medical Equipment

DUKE offers automated custom pad printing and hydrophilic coating of our custom catheter devices. All our coating and printing processes are performed within an ISO Class 8 CER and are efficiently integrated with the device manufacturing process. We also utilize a licensed authorized applicator of BioCoat’s Hydak hydrophilic coating to complete the process.

Learn About DUKE's Custom Catheter Applications

Our experts have years of combined experience in developing devices that are used for a variety of applications. Discover how DUKE provides the right device for your unique application.

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