duke_MDT_cover-01 A deeper look into Lumens

As today's medical technology advances, physicians expect minimally invasive surgical devices to perform an array of sophisticated procedures while delivering an ever-increasing level of performance. At the same time, medical device designers must continually strive to minimize the profile of the system for enhanced access to the target anatomy.
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duke_MPO_cover-01 Extrusion Providers Push Technology's Limits

Less-invasive surgical procedures are driving the demand for micro-extrusion and other advanced technologies. But less-invasive does not necessarily mean more complex—OEMs also want their new devices to be simpler, with fewer components, in order to reduce production costs and failure risks, all while maintaining or improving performance and longevity.
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duke_MDDI_cover-01 11 Critical Question Areas of Tubing

Tubing is available with a variety of options and in a range of styles. Selecting the right tubing for a specific application can be both challenging and daunting. This article attempts to clarify the process for device makers by highlighting some of the most commonly indicated choices.

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